Balaji Favorite agarbatti 780 gm Incense Sticks


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Key Features of Balaji Favorite Agarbathi 
  • Balaji Brand is one of the most recognised manufacturer in Incense sticks Industry.
  • Favorite Incense stick has a fragrance which lightens the atmosphere.
  • Its fragrance is refreshing last for hour even after use.
  • Pack of 6 units and each consists of 130 gm or around 100 sticks.
  • Natural Room freshing fragrance for creating a soothing ambience.
  • Good for home and Office use or to gift your family and friends.
“Kasturi” also known as Musk. Burning aromatic Musk incense sticks helps your body to relax and assists in development of will power. affects the magnetic forces around you. Brings protection, enlightenment and magnetism. Stimulates self-confidence, and enhances extroversion and the will. Musk acts as a stimulant to the psychic body which assists in the development of determination. In herbal lore,it is said that musk incense is a cleansing, relaxing and calming fragrance encouraging spiritual healing also being burned to increase passion and courage. Here’s an aroma that is strong, sweet, spice-like with woody undertones all set to rejuvenate your sensuality. The musk incense has a fragrance to elevate you into spirituality and connecting you to the higher world. 

Why go for incense stick. How does it help?

  • To practice yoga. 
  • To meditate
  • To unwind
  • To encourage emotional release.
  • To deepen spirituality.
  • To get inspired.
  • To revamp your routine.
  • To heighten awareness. 
  • To nurture a sense of self.
  • To heal. 
  • To soothe. 
  • To get it on. These are the very few advantages of incense stick in life

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