Arihant Loban Dhoop Sambrani Cups Total 60 Cups


“Discover the transformative power of Arihant Loban Special Cup Sambrani, infused with the essence of pure Loban. As you burn this sacred resin, experience its myriad benefits – from purifying the air to cleansing negative energies, promoting mental clarity, and fostering a sense of tranquility. Elevate your spiritual practice and create an ambiance of serenity with this exquisite Loban offering.”

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Key Features of Arihant loban dhoop cups or Sambrani

  • Total 60 cups of pure natural loban
  • A metal stands
  • Good for Daily Household and office use
  • Economic Pack
  • Hand made Loban cups

If you love air Purifying Aroma of Sambrani or Loban then you have come across one of the best product. “GIFT OF FOREST” presents Arihant’s Natural Pure Cups of Sambrani, it contains Pure Loban which will fill your home with Fresh Aroma. Loban as you have never experienced it. It is a resin of a tree extracted by making an incision on the stem. It is used in traditional vedic purification of home as well as workplace. Easy to carry anywhere while burning in metal stand. Best suited for worship and religious gathering.
How to use Dhoop Cups: As described in fifth picture of the product.

(1) Take out a cup from the box.

(2) Pour out the loban Sambrani resin powder from the cup.

(3) Tilt the cup and lit it from any side by using match stick or candle.

(4) Cups will start burning. It must be placed on a mettalic or earthen base. A mettalic stand comes with each box which can be used for this purpose or you can also use designer dhoop burners which are available in market.

(5) Now the loban Sambrani resin powder which was taken out in step 2 should be carefully put back into the burning cup

(6) You are set to begin your worship with this loban dhoop cup. Remember to open windows of your room while using dhoops so as to maintain inflow of fresh air and outflow of mal air.

Arihant pure natural Loban or sambrani dhoop Cups are use along with Incense Sticks. Dhoop Cups is as similar as incense Sticks; they are made of charcoal and filled with loban or Gugal resin. Dhoop cups are present in different aromatic fragrances.
During Navratri and Diwali season people use dhoop cups for lighting before the goddess Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga. Sambrani Dhoop cups produce fragrance which gives peace of mind, you feel the body relax. The different fragrance of dhoop cups keeps the mind fresh and active. People use dhoop cups in many ways for making the room smell fresh; in office also dhoop cups are used to bring prosperity.
Burning of loban or sambrani Dhoop cups has unrevealing advantages:
1. Helps in meditation: while meditation the benefits of dhoop cups is long and clear to eliminates stress when used in open spaces.
2. Create Positive environment: There are certain types of Dhoop cups which removes the negative energy and negative thoughts. They have unique mark or scent to purify air and soul. The smoke generated by some dhoop cups has clean and pure scents which purify the whole environment positively.
3. Reduce stress – The aromas of incense purify the mind with its beautiful nature fragrances, it has soothing power that helps to reduce the stress and tensions. Many Dhoop cups slow down the blood pressures and heart rate, and also been used in muscular relaxations.

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Premium Scented Masala Agarbatti from Arihant Incense Countrywide Co. based in Bangalore. It is known for manufacturing export quality agarbatti, dhoop sticks and Dhoop Cups. Specialized in flora or masala incense sticks.


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