Life Patchouli Agarbatti 810 gm Sticks


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Key Features of Darshan Life Patchouli Incense Sticks Agarbatti

  • Around 640 Premium Darshan “Life Patchouli” Incense Sticks
  • 135 gm each in 6 Boxes
  • Burn time: more than 30 min
  • Economic Pack sufficient for 2-3 months
  • Fill your room with soothing Life Patchouli Fragrance
  • Good for Daily Household use and office use.
  • Command attention by using in your office or shop, its aroma is hard to go unnoticed.
  • Could be a unique and stylish Gift for your family and friends
  • Round Sticks with Natural ingredients and aromatic essential oils
  • Its aroma lasts for hours even after use (under normal conditions).


Our daily lives are hectic with “to-do” lists that more than fill the available time. Aromatherapy is always available to help relax your mind, body and spirit. Taking a little time to relax and calm yourself with essential oils can help you cope with daily activities and deal with them more effectively.

It also has medicinal properties therefore used in aromatherapy since ancient times. It helps in meditation and calming senses and focusing the mind. Deities of various kinds are offered Life Patchouli incense sticks, then placed upon the home altar. Use Life Patchouli agarabtti before beginning rituals or meditation. In this way, it helps to set the stage and prepare the mind to begin its inward journey.

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Ashok Trading Company

We Asoka Trading Company have remained at the forefront of innovation and development of pleasant smelling Incense Sticks. Unique and distinct range of fragrances is offered in the form of Sticks, Cones, Joss as well as Dhoop Batti. Prepared using various combinations of herbs, oils, etc, our incense sticks are unmatched in the realm of aroma. Diverse and multi-functional, incense sticks find extensive application in yoga, meditation, elevating mood, prayers or for enhancing the aroma of place. Each and every stick is created with an objective of delivering the best to clients. Besides, we pack these with utmost care and precision while keeping in mind the diverse needs of users. To ensure our sticks are free from moisture, we use quality packaging material and boxes.

Misbah Fragrance

Misbah Fragrance is premier manufacturer , exporter of high quality incense sticks with a vision to be known as the company in terms of quality fragrance products . Let us take you an a soul stirring journey to "Discover the World of Fragrance". We have experience in the field of agarbathies and it's raw material manufacturing for more than three and a half decades. The company has maintained equilibrium in using natural materials like attars, resonoids, herbs, perfumes, natural oils with synthetics and chemicals and then it supports it's quality of standards by ensuring the base stick itself contains the specified perfume.The company authentically presents the mystic aroma sticks to the market through attractive, superior and pleasing packaging.


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