Oriental Dhanel OUTH Agarbatti 120 incense sticks


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Special Features of Oriental Dhanel Outh Agarbatti

  • Total 120 Incense sticks 10 each in 12 boxes
  • Premium quality of Outh Fragrance
  • One of the best OUTH product in the industry
  • Best for office use and on special occasions
  • Natural Outh Fragrance which create a soothing ambience
  • Elevate mood and energize your senses.
Oudh Incense Sticks are regarded as some of the finest incense. These incense have light delicate fragrances of nature. This exotic fragrance provides the key to unlock the benefits of aromatherapy, to create an uplifting or enhancing mood or environmental effect. Use of incense promotes longevity, harmonizes the psycho-physical constitution, and enhances mental focus. It is preferred over aerosol air fresheners.
Oud, a dark resinious heartwood of trees, finds a mention in the Vedas because of its great cultural and religious significance around the world. The fragrance of Oud or Agarwood is found to be distinct, complex and pleasing to the senses. This odour will enchant you with the uplifting effect this has on the atmosphere.

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