Feelings Loban Agarbatti 840 Gms


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Highlights of Feelings Loban Incense sticks 

  • Total 840 gm of Loban agarbatti 
  • Best quality of Loban Incense sticks
  • Lenght 9 cm
  • Burning time 30 – 40 mins

Fill your home with the divine bliss of Sandalwood and Loban and evoke spiritual bliss. The Aradhan incense set is a beautifully packaged set of two age-old incense sticks that will sanctify your puja rooms. Their purifying aromas will enhance your spiritual practise and fill your home and you with a sense of divine bliss.

The warm and engulfing aroma of Chandan/Sandalwood can help to relax your mind, soothe your senses and open your spirit to love.
Loban, a deeply fragrant, light spicy-woody aromatic resin has been burnt since ages among ancient world cultures. It’s healing aroma has long been Ayurveda’s favourite for it’s medicinal benefits and as an insect/virus/bacteria repellent.

Use these purifying incense sticks to enhance your worship rituals, deepen your meditation practise or just immerse your soul in the comfort of soothing aromatherapy.

Loban incense are made in traditional way with a ‘masala’ or mixture of 100% loban or benzoin resins.

There is no particular time for burning it but it should be used early morning to bring positive energy in the house and burned in the evening because insects come mostly at that time. Loban Dhoop is used at church, temples, and mosques.

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